The name behind some of the most successful brand growth stories in India including Nokia, Samsung & HTC; Optiemus Infracom has been one of the leading players in Mobile Handset distribution industry. Optiemus offers a combination of planning & operational excellence that help brands gain market share through an unparalleled pan-India retail penetration.


Optiemus partnered Samsung Mobile for organized trade in 2008, supporting the brand’s journey from fifth position to the top brand in India within 5 years. The brand reached a revenue of 75million USD in a month, achieving 57% market share in organized trade. Samsung’s unparalleled success was owning to Optiemus’ deep focus on relationship driven sales & GTM strategy along with an introduction of unique engagement programs.


Optiemus takes pride in the decade-long partnership with Plantronics, supporting the brand’s growth in the capacity of national distributors for headset systems. For our contribution towards the business, Optiemus was awarded with Product Champion of the Year award for 2009 – 2010, award for Most Consistent Performance in every Quarter for 2010-11 and partner of the year award for four years straight, from 2012 to 2015.


At Baseus, we constantly innovate products that are based on insights from our users. Our objective is to provide premium quality products that solve a purpose of the user both functionally and aesthetically.



Optiemus has recently partnered with Funer Prius (Beijing) Technology to bring their Smart Health Scales brand, Picooc to the Indian markets as national distributors. Optiemus’ core responsibilities include establishing a strong foothold in distribution, both online and offline along with brand promotion and awareness in the market.