Optiemus Infracom’s in-house brand portfolio consists of five differentiated brands that are designed and positioned to audiences across the economic & geographical classifications. Our portfolio of brands includes BlackBerry, catering to high-end audiences, offering the best of technology & security to the customers through brand licensing model. Kult, designed to offer a new-age Mobility experience, catering to the fast-paced, tech-oriented lifestyle of the Millennials. Zen, designed to offer feature rich, affordable devices to the masses and less-evolved market segments.

Molife is a premium Mobile accessory brand that offers connectivity, entertainment & power through its product portfolio. RhinoTech is exclusive licensee for Corning USA, offering high quality tempered glass for the best-selling Mobile Handsets in the country.

OptiSafe is an IOT brand, creating technology-based personal security & safety devices. Our portfolio includes a patented technology My Hero – Distress Companion. The device helps ward-off the threat, communicate the emergency to loved ones and collect evidence, all through a simple pull-mechanism based device.

Optiemus Infracom has entered in an exclusive long-term brand licensing agreement with BlackBerry to produce secure BlackBerry Android Handsets keeping the local demand & technology habits for the India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh markets, reaching 1.5 billion users.

Launched in 2016, Kult is a new-age brand that represents the inspiring yet aspiring millennials of India, complimenting their fast-paced, tech-oriented lifestyle by offering the latest technology at market defining price points.

Incepted with the focus of empowering the users with feature-rich, affordable feature & smartphones through offline, TV & online channels. Launched in 2009, the early years of emergence of local brands in India, ZEN has since expanded to create a pan-India presence.

RhinoTech is a result of exclusive licensing to Optiemus from Corning USA to manufacture & market tempered glass using Accessory Glass by Corning in India.