Mar 02, 2019

Exclusive: Optisafe plans to export MyHero distress alert smart device abroad

After launching MyHero distress companion device in the Indian market, Optisafe, a venture of Optiemus Infracom is now planning to export the device to other major markets.

"We are talking to multiple countries as this problem is not specific to one country," Dinesh Prasad, CEO of Optisafe told Gizbot.

In a telephonic interaction, Prasad said," Our focus is to go B2B first so that we can hit large enterprises like manufacturing unit, healthcare, and BPO."

"We are manufacturing this product in Noida factory," he replied when asked that where these products are being manufactured.

The device is priced at Rs 2,999 and uses a simple pull mechanism to send distress signals to a pre-selected group of people. The smart device enables location tracking, audio/video recording and triggers siren on SOS contacts. It can be activated through the Optisafe Mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

The users can download the app from the respective app store and can pair their Optisafe My Hero device using Bluetooth. It will be made available starting March 08 (Women's day) via both online and offline stores, exclusively Optiemus Infracom across Indian subcontinents.

The safety device comes with two-siren features. Once activated, it can Sound off loud distress siren simultaneously on the device as well the user's smartphone. It also sends an SOS message and triggers distress siren to three pre-defined contacts.

The device also has an inbuilt location tracker which opens up a live location tracker that the recipient can use to navigate the bearer's location and it will trigger audio and video recording on the user's smartphone, helping in understanding SOS situation during the incident thereby enabling them to react accordingly.

The safety device was launched by Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor during the 12th edition of International Women's Day celebrations by Public Diplomacy Forum by Mrs. Ratan Kaul and Shilpa Raina Wahal.