Mar 08, 2019

Blackberry wireless charger launched for Rs 2,499

Indian telecom enterprise Optiemus Infracom has today announced the launch of its first BlackBerry branded wireless charger in India. The newly launched charger is priced at Rs 2,499 and it will be available online on Amazon India’s website starting today. The charger will only be available in Black colour.

The charger is touted to be extremely compact and is primarily marketed for its wireless capabilities. The charger is compatible with USB Type-C input on Android, Apple and Qi-enabled smartphones that can be charged wirelessly.

Users can place their smartphones on top of the non-slip charging surface and experience fast wireless charging. According to the company, the charger will be able to charge the device up to 25% in 60 minutes.

The Blackberry wireless charger is perfect for those who travel very frequently and it comes with a compact design and is easy to carry and store. We should mention that the LED charge indicator on the wireless charger helps to know the charging status of the device. The BlackBerry wireless charger comes with USB Type C input with 5W output for compatible devices and makes sure your smartphone is charged in no time at all.

The charger has a 6-month manufacturer warranty against all manufacturing defects and it is compatible with most of the smartphones that support wireless charging and come with USB type C input slot. While the dimensions of the charger are 0.8 x 0.1 x 0.9 cm, it weighs 54.4 grams.

To recall, American chipmaker Qualcomm had announced that its Quick Charge fast charging technology will now also work with wireless power as well. The company also said that Quick Charge technology for wireless power will quicken the charging process on charging pads. But then, for this, the charging pads would also have to meet certain requirements and standards.

The American chipmaker has also added that charging pads will able to deliver speedy electricity with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge support, and that too in a ‘consistent and safety conscious’ way.

Qualcomm also explained about the technology on its blog saying, “Wireless charging pads powered by Quick Charge will work with the same Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4 and 4+ adapters that millions of users already have at home, work, and elsewhere.”